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my favorite TV show…. April 25, 2008

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ok.  so, i am slightly addicted to LOST.  it’s the show i hate to love.  the constant twists and turns.  the ever so unpredictable plot.  the character’s emotional drama mixed with the island drama is almost more than one can handle!  goodness…..

if you’ve never watched, it’s time to get to blockbuster and rent away.  that’s how we started our addiction.  we actually borrowed the first season and would stay up all hours of the night watching segment after segment.  we’d start the evening fairly early, get about 3 segments into it and say “just one more” for the next 3 hours.  it was ridiculous.

we bought season 2.  continued in the same insane pattern.  then have watched the last couple of seasons live.

who knows what will happen next with jack and kate.  sawyer and hurley. i threaten weekly to stop watching if certain people get killed off….. it’s almost happened!!  always keeping me on my toes, those LOST writers…. 

as far as my blogging goes, i promise to blog on something that really matters real soon.

peace out….. kg


One Response to “my favorite TV show….”

  1. Twila Masaschi Says:

    I can’t believe you say this doesn’t matter…come on…we all know that this could be true…I mean didn’t you see Castaway!

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