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friends make a birthday better…. May 28, 2008

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i turned 33 this past friday….. and it has been a great few days of celebration.

i must say that i feel so very loved and blessed by many people.

proverbs says “there are “friends” who destroy each other,but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.”  i have experienced this in my life.  

i have chosen to give my life to the journey of seeing true friendship develop in the relationships god places in my path.  it is a tough journey — full of ups and downs.  the ‘ups’ outweigh the ‘downs’ but the ‘downs’ are real.  and they hurt.

but this week i have experienced the ‘ups’ at an all time high.  i have been blessed with gifts, kind words, hugs, emails, texts of encouragement, smiles, and more!  

just being remembered is a precious thing.  it makes me feel loved.  it makes me feel special.  

this birthday was a good one.  a reminder that i have a place of belonging.  i have influence in peoples life. i have been blessed by god.

i hope that you feel this, as well, about yourself …. b/c we all have a place of belonging, a place of influence and a place of blessing.  

so, join me on this journey.  decide to live a life of love and friendship.  it’s a choice to lock arms with another person and stick “closer than a brother”.  ya up for it?  i think so!!  🙂



My heart’s cry this week….. May 19, 2008

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‘dream big’… that’s what brent and i are always saying to each other and those around us. the dream of our heart is to see people touched with the love of God through relationships around them…. then a step further — their heart then captured by god and turned to him forever.

isn’t that the biggest dream possible? isn’t the greatest miracle a transformed heart? i think so. i think the heart of god beats his love for people. the joy set before christ that held him to the cross was his passion to obey the father. at that time, the fathers mind was stayed on me, you and every human to grace the planet. his mind was set on the reconciliation that jesus was purchasing with his blood that day. that blood filled with love was spilled for me, you, my neighbors, my co workers, my children, and all that cross my path daily. thanks be to god for this indescribable gift.  and may my response to this be an attitude of “use me lord for your purpose, my life is not my own….”

the bridge to the following song encapsulates my hearts passion today…… 

Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like You have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause

As I walk from earth into eternity





happy mother’s day. May 11, 2008

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this is my mom!  me!  and my daughter anna joy!  three generations for women!! awesome… 

i spoke at a ladies tea this weekend.  it was a precious time.  the following is what i shared there.  it may be lengthy for a blog but it’s worth the read.  hope you are blessed……

There’s something about the voice of our mom’s, isn’t there?  There’s something about that voice that’s in your ear encouraging you on day after day. Maybe for you, it’s not your mom’s voice that you hear, but another dear women God placed in your life.  You’ve had someone encourage you, or you wouldn’t be here today.  

I still hear my mom’s voice in my ear.  For me, my mother is still living, thank God.  For you, maybe your mom has passed away.  Maybe your relationship is broken. Even though my mom is alive we live in separate places.  I can speak with her by phone and visit from time to time.  But you know what?  I still hear her.  I still hear her voice even when she’s not right with me.  I hear her when I am trying to accomplish a task “You can do this Karla.  Just try your best.”  I hear her when I am cooking something new “Ok Karla.  You might want to check that bread in the oven.  I know I burn mine all the time but you better check yours”.  I hear her when I am in a tough parenting place with my children “Be patient Karla.  They’ll be all grown before you know it.  Make this time special.  Pick your battles.”  I hear her when I am scared to do something I have to step out in “You got this Karla.  You were made to do this!  Remember to smile”.  I hear her when I’ve failed “Oh Karla.  Get back up.  You’ll do better next time.  What have you learned?”  I hear her when I’ve succeeded. It’s actually when I hear her loudest. “Way to go Karla.  I knew you would do well in that.”  My mom’s voice is precious.

I have observed something interesting about the voice of a parent.  On the baseball field I watch my kids get out there and give it their all.  Everyone in the stands is cheering them on.  Calling our their number and yelling their name.  In the midst of it all, they walk to the plate, try to position their feet, hands, bat, head, BODY the right way.  With all of the noise around them, my husband or I can just with a slightly louder tone than normal call out to them “Choke up on that bat.  Step back just a bit.  Raise that elbow.  Watch that ball.” And they begin to do all of those things in the order they hear them.  Above the stadiums din, they hear my voice.  Above all of the noise, they hear the voice of the one that loves them the most. 

Isn’t that amazing?  It is to me.  Did you know that the voice of God is like that?  He is the best parent ever.  In Him , there are all the resources to be the best person ever.  The best friend.  Aunt.  Teacher.  Confidant. Mother.  Woman.  We have a lot of noise in our lives a lot of times.  May it be that God’s voice is heard above all of the others.  He’s always speaking.  He’s always cheering you on.  He’s always directing.  He’s always near. 

This closing song speaks of the women in our lives that have gone before us and the young ladies who are coming behind us.  Our lives are often captured in photographs, aren’t’ they? To those women in the old black and white photographs you find in albums your family has kept all the way to the pictures we’ve taken today.  Every women has a story to tell.  Do you ever wonder about the stories that accompany the pictures?  I do.  I can stare into a photo and get lost in wondering how life was or is for a person.  Was life hard?  Easy?  Did that woman find it easy to live a life of faith and love?  What does her life say to me?  What is HER voice speaking to my heart through the history she has left me?

 The truth is, we will all one day be someone’s photograph.  Life will take it’s natural course and that young girl we’ve yet to meet will be asking their mom, friend, aunt, etc about us.  What will be said of you?  I sure know what I want to be said of me.  May all who come behind me find me faithful!  May all who come behind US, find US faithful.



slacker. May 10, 2008

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is what i am in the blogging world this week.

sorry charlies.

i have too much on my plate with a ladies tea i am in charge of tomorrow.

it’s going to be awesome to get together and honor the women in our lives.

i’ll let ya know exactly how it goes!

for now i’m sleepy and must catch some zzzzzz’s….



so, so thankful….. May 7, 2008

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for my sweet husband…..

he makes me feel so special.  loved.  valued.  honored.  respected.  adored.  rescued.  protected.

hmmmm…. i love this man because he loves jesus more than he loves me.

what could be better???



ok…. enough is enough….. May 3, 2008

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this is a question for all of you smarties out there…..

in response to my last two blogs combined…..

if coke can cause battery corrosion to erode from the battery when applied, why will coke not cause the phlegm (not sure how this is spelled)  in my throat to go away ???? doesn’t it seem like it should work in both cases??

just so ya know, when traveling to atlanta early this morning, i bought the best coke on the planet, McDonalds coke, and attempted to test this theory…. that’s how i know it doesn’t work!!

ugh…. i am tired of allergies…..


ever wondered what i look like (or sound like) when….. May 1, 2008

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i am having such an allergy attack that my nose becomes a whistle??

my eyes become a faucet?

or, my throat becomes so scratchy and husky i sound like a man?

well…. here it is….

this is me today and tonight.  it’s ridiculous.

we had our marriage class tonight.  it is such a precious group of people sharing and growing together.  and while we are having this intimate time of baring our souls to each other, i am in the back of the room dealing with my sniff that sounds like a stinkin’ train whistle.  ok, more like the whistle that capt. von trapp used for his kids on the sound of music.  toot tweet toot tweet!!  ugh!

even worse (maybe!), as my classmates were stealing sideways glances at me — “nose whistle girl” — wiping my eyes incessantly, they must have thought i was so touched by the sharing (which i was!!!) but…. really my eyes were so watery that anyone sharing looked like they were swimming from my perspective.

so, good grief!!  i need for this allergy attack to move on before all of the dogs in the neighborhood start responding to my sniffer! 

tootles!!  🙂