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ever wondered what i look like (or sound like) when….. May 1, 2008

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i am having such an allergy attack that my nose becomes a whistle??

my eyes become a faucet?

or, my throat becomes so scratchy and husky i sound like a man?

well…. here it is….

this is me today and tonight.  it’s ridiculous.

we had our marriage class tonight.  it is such a precious group of people sharing and growing together.  and while we are having this intimate time of baring our souls to each other, i am in the back of the room dealing with my sniff that sounds like a stinkin’ train whistle.  ok, more like the whistle that capt. von trapp used for his kids on the sound of music.  toot tweet toot tweet!!  ugh!

even worse (maybe!), as my classmates were stealing sideways glances at me — “nose whistle girl” — wiping my eyes incessantly, they must have thought i was so touched by the sharing (which i was!!!) but…. really my eyes were so watery that anyone sharing looked like they were swimming from my perspective.

so, good grief!!  i need for this allergy attack to move on before all of the dogs in the neighborhood start responding to my sniffer! 

tootles!!  🙂


9 Responses to “ever wondered what i look like (or sound like) when…..”

  1. Twila Masaschi Says:

    So like the candy whistle in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…is it more like that??? I love you!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Kind of like when you got all emotional when we were watching TV? haha. You crack me up. And I’m glad I don’t suffer from allergies!

  3. kgarrard Says:

    tis true, I have to hear it close up and personal.

  4. bgarrard Says:

    Just so you will know that previous comment was from me (Brent), I just happened to be logged on under Karla’s name

  5. Erin Says:

    awww… my poor friend! hope you are feeling better today!! ps…i like the blog idea…i now have you saved on my favorites 🙂

  6. Frankie Says:

    I have seen and heard!!! You make me smile!

  7. Melissa Says:

    I still love that face! Snotty, watery, puffy, whistlely etc…Still my same sweet friend under all the pollen. Love you! Feel better soon.

  8. this is your mama————-i pray that you are feeling better. it always hurts when MY littles are hurting. you looked beautiful on saturday so you must have had a quick break from the “whistles” i love you !!!!

  9. I completely hate when that happens to me! I feel your pain sweet friend! I hope you are feeling better!

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