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does the sun still breakthrough…. June 1, 2008

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…..when it’s overcast with the thickest clouds you’ve ever seen?

or i should ask it this way, can one still get a sunburn through a thick cloud of grey clouds?

the answer is yes, yes yes!

we have just returned from the beach.  we were there for 2 days.  the first day is was hazy and cool out.  cool enough that i had to sit outside wrapped in a blanket.  ridiculous!

the 2nd day it was a nice, perfect beach day — overcast, not too hot, not too bright, breezy, etc…. a perfect day to sit out and read an incredible book and spend time chatting with friends.  

i want to note here — i DID wear sunscreen even though it seemed that god himself would have to use a jackhammer to break through those clouds with sun!!

the result of the perfect beach day — a sunburn like i have not had in a long, long time.  tender shoulders, stingy shin skin, bleached out arm hairs, a sunglasses tan line, freckles freckles and more freckles, etc…. it’a a sight to see….. 

so, the next time you wonder if a sun ray can reach the earth through a fort knox of clouds – consider yourself warned!  😉


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