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i love VBS!!! June 28, 2008

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…….that stands for Vacation Bible School for those of you who may not know!  it’s a week long ‘camp’ in the summer that kids attend and learn about Jesus…. that’s the main goal…. they also play fun games, make cool crafts, and eat yummy food! (much better food than when i was young — we always had watered down koolaid and cheap sandwich cookies with strange tasting vanilla frosting in the middle! … you remember that frosting too, don’t you?!)

anyway, we just completed VBS at our church.  i had the awesome privilege of teaching the bible story each night.  every night was special and led up to the final night where our focus was ‘serving jesus’.  after a service theme throughout the entire curriculum all week ( SERVE – family, friends, neighbors, community) tonight was the biggie!

well, for me, i can do a lot of things with confidence and skill but teaching kids always gets me nervous…. i think it’s God keeping me humble and secure in him and him alone.  so, with sweat running down my sides this evening, i led each group through the 25 minutes in my classroom with the intention of sharing ‘how to meet jesus’ at the end.  

all the children were precious and listened so well…. for the most part things went smooth (minus the two instances, in two separate classes mind you, that a kid passed gas in the EXACT same spot of my story… how does that happen?  it was weird… 2 different kids, 2 different groups, poot at the same spot in the story!  weird!  but, we all had a good laugh… i couldn’t even contain it myself!  🙂 ) 

anyway…. to end this blog with what i was really wanting to share… children gave their hearts to jesus tonight….. one little girl in particular touched my heart… she was so overcome with Him that she could not stop crying.  that’s how it was for me 24 years ago when i met jesus!  it overwhelmed my heart and has ever since.  what a journey.  i am so grateful that this little one is now apart of this great race in jesus….. hang on sweetie, you’ll catch your stride too!


5 Responses to “i love VBS!!!”

  1. hilarious…

    …and awesome 🙂

  2. Mary Rose Says:

    Funny! What’s really bad though, is when you’re the teacher and you are the one that lets out a loud toot when you are teaching..more specifically, when your back is turned and you are writing on the board… 4th graders love that! Yes…happened once. Yes, it was hilarious.

  3. Oh my goodness! That is SOOOO funny. I don’t know how you kept it all together. That had me laughing out loud! Glad to hear VBS was so good and praise God for the little girl who listened to His voice.

  4. Frankie Says:

    That is so awesome kg! That is what this is all about, souls… I loved reading about her salvation! You are great at what you do!

  5. Ruth Garrard Says:

    I loved it too. I smile when I see Anna’s class singing “The Greatest Commandment” and Josiah’s singing “Be a Good Friend” All the children were precious….one of the best groups I’ve had in my ?????years of VBS.

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