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latest addiction….. September 27, 2008

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even though i have to watch half of it with my eyes covered (b/c i hate fist fighting and such), i am totally consumed with this story… it keeps me on the edge of my seat……


no spoilers please, i am only in season 1 !! 


happy watching…… 



living a life that speaks…. September 22, 2008

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one of my favorite thoughts from our worship conference weekend was the following:


in regards to reaching lost people with the love of Christ….. “They don’t often reject our theology, they reject the inconsistencies in our life.”


i want to be a person that lives and walks out what i say.  i don’t want to be someone that confuses people by saying one thing and living a whole other life.  it’s frustrating and damaging to the cause of Christ.


***Romans 12:1-2…… my very basic responsibility as a christian is to live in a manner that my actions are worship to jesus.  


i want this to be true of me.  i want to reflect Him in such a way that His love overshadows me and draws people around me in to an undeniable encounter with their Creator.


Lord, help me.  i don’t want to be confusing or compromising.  protect people from me.  illuminate yourself.  amen.


excited!! September 18, 2008

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today is the first dat of our annual worship conference!  i am so excited about it!  my anticipation and expectation for Jesus is at an all time high!   I can’t wait to write about all the things He will do!  


Come out for the conference if you are near by.  starts TONIGHT and doors open at 6:30pm at In Focus Church….


blessings…. kg


God and Sugar Ants September 16, 2008

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just a thought from my weekend…


If we all pursued God like little black sugar ants pursue sugar, the world would be a very different place!


This deep thought has come as a result of an observation I have made in my kitchen.  It think my house just may be built on an ant bed…… I consistently have a trail of ants in my kitchen if I leave even a drop of apple juice around the sink.  They are amazing.  They work together.  They work hard.  And they seek out the object of their passion with relentless fervor.   (And although it’s quite amazing, it’s also ridiculous to me as a homemaker…. but, that’s not really the object in the lesson, huh?!?)


so…I guess you might think that I spend most of my time around a kitchen sink loading and unloading the dishwasher or wiping down my counters…sometimes I feel like that’s all I do (oh, along with mountains of laundry)….but anyway….this observation did leave me examining my own heart and zeal for my passion, Jesus.  So, thanks for allowing me this simple illustration….. gotta go clean my counters now!