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living a life that speaks…. September 22, 2008

Filed under: God is GREAT!! — kgarrard @ 2:40 am

one of my favorite thoughts from our worship conference weekend was the following:


in regards to reaching lost people with the love of Christ….. “They don’t often reject our theology, they reject the inconsistencies in our life.”


i want to be a person that lives and walks out what i say.  i don’t want to be someone that confuses people by saying one thing and living a whole other life.  it’s frustrating and damaging to the cause of Christ.


***Romans 12:1-2…… my very basic responsibility as a christian is to live in a manner that my actions are worship to jesus.  


i want this to be true of me.  i want to reflect Him in such a way that His love overshadows me and draws people around me in to an undeniable encounter with their Creator.


Lord, help me.  i don’t want to be confusing or compromising.  protect people from me.  illuminate yourself.  amen.


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