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me and my brain…. October 31, 2008

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ok.  let me let you into my world this morning… it was one of those moments where i wondered if someone was probably wondering if my brain had somehow fallen out of my skull….


i pull into the starbucks drive thru to get my husband a tall, bold coffee with cream so i could take it to him at work.  well, when i pulled up to the intercom thingy there was this very nice advertisement for starbucks new oatmeal with all those yummy toppings.  well, the marketing phrase on the advert was something to the effect of “your morning goodness to go” (i actually just tried to find the phrase on the starbucks website but can’t so forgive me if it’s not exactly right… for sure it had TO GO at the end)…..


so, at this point i hear the intercom begin to come to life and i get a bit confused — b/c not one BUT TWO starbucks baristas come through the intercom, at the time of my salivating over the oatmeal, to greet me with the normal “welcome to starbucks, my name is (missed the name b/c two of them came at the same time), how are you this morning?  what can i get for you today?” 


so yeah.  after hearing a male and female voice ‘behind the speaker’, i proceed to order a “tall coffee TO GO please“… well, realizing that i had just ordered a TO GO coffee in the DRIVE THRU, with addition to the male barista cracking up in his headset, i start to laugh hysterically at myself for ordering a stinkin’ TO GO coffee, in stead of saying WITH CREAM in the DRIVE THRU… aghhhhhh….. all b/c i was distracted by the last 3 words on the gorgeous oatmeal advert — GOODNESS TO GO.


So, after i get control of myself (i am still a bit sick and also pretty tired from coughing up my lungs for the last two nights — which is probably why i found myself so hilarious) and my laughter, i pull around to pay and get this drink that i have so labored for!  well, the cutest little LAUGHING barista hands me my cup with TO GO written so big on the side that i have to take a few moments to chuckle with him and tell him about the oatmeal advert.


he then proceeded to try and sell me one of their bfast sandwiches with mushrooms and spinach.  i had to pass b/c OBVIOUSLY my mind was stuck on the beloved ‘goodness to go’  and his mind was not —a good salesman would have jumped on my oatmeal obsession and probably closed the deal!


so, off i went with my sharpie marked cup of coffee w/cream and immediately called my sister so someone could laugh with me…..  🙂   oh me, oh my…. you gotta love a day that starts like that!


Be a ROCK!!! October 30, 2008

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I spoke tonight at our ENCM (Every Nation Campus Ministry) meeting at our university campus.  as you know from the previous post, i am somewhat under the weather!  but, i made it through, hoarseness and all!  the following is what i shared.  i was asked to speak on “BE A ROCK!  Withstanding Peer Pressure”….

Being a ROCK is more than just saying NO, it’s choosing to say YES to things that lead people AND OURSELVES to a place that brings an eternal life change.

 We are all leading someone, somewhere…. to me it’s black and white — we are either leading people to the things of God or we are leading them to the things of hell.  There is no in between.  so ask yourself…

  • What is your life exemplifying?

EXAMPLE by definition is: a pattern, in morals or manners; a copy, or model; that which is proposed or is proper to be imitated.


  • How are you being an influence on those around you?

INFLUENCE by definition is: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.


  • Are you “being a rock” when it comes to how you live your life in front of others?

ROCK by definition is: used in similes and metaphors to refer to someone or something that is extremely strong and reliable.


Practically speaking, the following are just a few things to have set up in your life to help you succeed in standing firm! …..


  •    Have your mind made up on where you stand and what you stand for… THOUGHTS BECOME ACTIONS.  ACTIONS BECOME HABITS.  HABITS BECOME LIFESTYLES.
  •    Have someone in your life that loves you enough to not let you stay in YOUR mess (mentor, peer, friend, etc.)
  •    Actually live out what you say you believe.  In other words, make sure your actions line up with what you say your values are.  DON’T BE CONFUSING!           
  •    Hope and dream for yourself!  You can do it!
  •    More than all of that, find yourself in an unashamed friendship with your Maker. It’s the only thing that will sustain!

Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,  
       we wait for you; 
       your name and renown 
       are the desire of our hearts.  IS. 26:8





under the weather…. October 29, 2008

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i am struggling through a cold.

still wondering why coke can’t burn the junk out of my throat (see previous blog).  but i have been good this time — sticking to water, taking COLDEEZE/zinc tablets, sudafed, advil, sleep, etc….

i probably should wear closed shoes instead of flip flops, my mama taught me better.  oh, and not go out with wet hair…. that was dumb.

anyway, so now i sit here with a nasty metal taste in my mouth from the zinc, a voice that sounds like a frog (or baritone in an ensemble… i’ll think of it that way), a chest that’s sore from coughing…..

BUT, i also slept in today, got to snuggle a bit longer with my sweet husband, get to spend the day with my fabulous 4 year old —  all the while preparing for a ‘talk’ i have to do tonight on our local university campus about BEING A ROCK: HOW TO WITHSTAND PEER PRESSURE.  i am excited about it!!

so.. have a lovely day everyone…. i plan to!  zinc spit and all….   🙂


forgetfulness and excitement… they go hand in hand for me! October 22, 2008

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guess what?  i TOTALLY forgot about my blog until this evening….. 


anyhoo… i just got a new book tonight to read……  can’t wait to dive in.  THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP by Dietrich Bonhoeffer…. the discussion of cheap grace vs. costly grace…….  

One of my all time favorite lines starts the book:  “When God calls a man, He bids him come and die”.

Oh!  The glorious love of my God and His enormous care for me overwhelms my soul!

until next time……


lazy days @ home…… October 4, 2008

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Today has been an awesome day thus far….


no plans… all 5 of us here at the house…. washing cars… yard work…. house ‘stuff’…. being TOGETHER….


it is the first saturday in a long time that i remember us having a saturday where we could hang as a family at our house with only interruptions we allow!  ahhh…. bliss.


i love my family……