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under the weather…. October 29, 2008

Filed under: i am an interesting creation... — kgarrard @ 2:56 pm

i am struggling through a cold.

still wondering why coke can’t burn the junk out of my throat (see previous blog).  but i have been good this time — sticking to water, taking COLDEEZE/zinc tablets, sudafed, advil, sleep, etc….

i probably should wear closed shoes instead of flip flops, my mama taught me better.  oh, and not go out with wet hair…. that was dumb.

anyway, so now i sit here with a nasty metal taste in my mouth from the zinc, a voice that sounds like a frog (or baritone in an ensemble… i’ll think of it that way), a chest that’s sore from coughing…..

BUT, i also slept in today, got to snuggle a bit longer with my sweet husband, get to spend the day with my fabulous 4 year old —  all the while preparing for a ‘talk’ i have to do tonight on our local university campus about BEING A ROCK: HOW TO WITHSTAND PEER PRESSURE.  i am excited about it!!

so.. have a lovely day everyone…. i plan to!  zinc spit and all….   🙂


5 Responses to “under the weather….”

  1. Eliza Meier Says:

    aww lovely! i love how now all the links to your blog (at the bottom are zinc oriented!! “zinc in the classroom”! 🙂

  2. kgarrard Says:

    uh yeah… why does that happen????

  3. Kristin Says:

    Hope you get to feeling better soon! Good luck tonight!

  4. jenn getts Says:

    i had the crud a few days ago…not fun…sudafed, ibuprofen, cough drops…nothing helped…ugh!
    missed you today at they gym…it was killer!!
    good luck w/your ‘talk’ tonight…:)
    much love…

  5. reggie Says:

    i didn’t realze that you were feeling so bad…thanks for not coughing my way:)

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