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what did you do today??? November 4, 2008

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i exercised my right and DUTY to vote…. 

my kids were with me and learning about the process.  anna joy was telling everyone who she ‘voted for’…. nice, huh??  josiah was concerned b/c he had an ipod with him….. and our precinct is at a local school which had a sign for no ipods… he was just convinced that sign was for the voters, not students…. needless to say, i had to hold the ipod while i voted — what a dollface…. caleb judah was only interested in the results of the entire election the moment i voted — the results are his social studies assignment….. he’s got patience to exercise as we have HOURS to wait on the results!  🙂 


in the midst of all that, i asked the kids to pray while i voted so that God’s plan will prevail!  we are trusting in Him….


our nation will make history today…. i hope you were a part of it.


2 Responses to “what did you do today???”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    i love your interaction with your children. it’s so special. 🙂 i want that one day!!

  2. Holley Says:

    Your children are great! It was great to get to watch the results of the election with your children, especially Caleb. I’m glad Anna voted for McCain and Sarah Palin as she says 😉

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