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this is what i think…. November 16, 2008

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My magnificent obsession is to know God,

glorifying Him in my character 

while enjoying Him in the process.

— Anne Graham Lotz


this is my desire….. this quote sums it up….. kg


3 Responses to “this is what i think….”

  1. love it :o)

    that last part is the important part to remember…
    enjoy HIM through it all…
    that’s my desire in this season of my life…
    HE is faithful…
    enjoy HIM eventhough life is hard right now…He is refining us each day:)

    thanks for sharing karlie…love you:)

  2. kgarrard Says:

    I love all your pictures and short but sweet and deep thoughts

  3. bgarrard Says:

    that previous comment was from me… ooops

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