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hell. a place of unspeakable suffering. November 25, 2008

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this past sunday, brent preached the mess out of a sermon on hell.  it was one of the most powerful services i have ever been in.  this message was 3rd in a 4 part series called CURTAIN CALL.  the crux of the series is summed up in one question “when my ‘curtain call’ comes, who will be applauding?”


in essence, when i die, who will have been touched enough by my life to stand applauding?  this week’s focus on hell lead all of us through an intense time of introspection regarding our thoughts on hell…. is it real?  is it really that bad?  do i really care if people go there?  do i live my life in such a way or do i  fight with every fiber of my being to show EVERYONE around me JESUS and His love, so they won’t ever have to experience hell?


the following quote comes from an 1800s career criminal, Charles Peace, after he had his last visit with the priest while he waited on death row…after the priest told Peace about hell, Peace asked him if he really believed in hell… the priest’s answer was a hesitation of “well, I think I do”…. this quote sent me on a tailspin and challenged my heart/mind so hard that i was almost immediately moved to tears….


“Sir, I do not share your faith, but if I did, if I believe what you say you believe,

then although England were covered with broken glass from coast to coast,

I would crawl the length and the breadth of it on hand and knee, and think the pain worthwhile,

just to save a single soul from this eternal Hell of which you speak.  

If I believed in this place as you say, my life would reflect it.”


just food for thought….. food that made me choke.


Lord, may my life be like a love song to your heart.

May I live in such a way that causes people to see Your goodness and mercy.

Help me to reflect You.  To You be all glory forever.

I partner with You to make Your name famous!



2 Responses to “hell. a place of unspeakable suffering.”

  1. Great post… love you!

  2. Lindsey Says:

    that WAS an excellent sermon.
    you both speak (and write) your hearts so beautifully.
    love what God does through you.

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