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thankfulness….. November 27, 2008

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one of my favorite movie lines (and it actually comes from a cartoon character, Madam Blueberry) is A THANKFUL HEART IS A HAPPY HEART.  🙂


i wanted to take some time this thanksgiving to list a few of the things i am thankful for…. 


  • jesus, that he found me and pursued me with the most passionate love ever
  • wonderful parents
  • the funniest, most kind and selfless sister on the planet
  • the most gentle, sweet, attentive, patient, heroic, dedicated, precious, inspiring, passionate, loving, carefree, meek, and gorgeous man on earth……my husband! 
  • three children that have captured my heart
  • FRIENDS, true friends.
  • health and life
  • music and art
  • books to read
  • nature and it’s beauty
  • pictures – a way to capture ‘god moments’
  • airplanes – to fly me across the ocean to the place that has stolen my heart, south africa
  • airplanes – to fly me across the ocean to see the people that have stolen my heart!  🙂
  • appletiser and chocolate…..also, coca cola.
  • history and memories
  • my kids laughter
  • dishwasher
  • school…. math and science especially!!  🙂
  • freedom
  • journals and all the very fun pens that i love to have surrounding me on my desk!
  • peanut butter, so i guess i’m ultra thankful for George Washington Carver
  • mrs. june lamb
  • contact lenses
  • a warm bed
  • sunsets, stars, and the moon
  • the beach, panama city beach specifically! 



4 Responses to “thankfulness…..”

  1. reg Says:

    I’m thankful that God brought me back to Augusta. I’m thankful for the shift in priorities that made the move possible in the first place.

  2. Twi Says:

    I am more thankful for you…thank you for my coffee…there is something about coffee with my sister that makes it taste even better (and even better had it been in New York…on the subway…going to Central Park…for a walk…)!!!

  3. I like all of that, and I am thankful for you!

  4. April Says:

    Ok….haven’t been on your blog in a while. Still haven’t looked at your pics…….which is the reason I got on here. However, I was sucked into reading my dear friend’s blogs. Each of which made me even more thankful for you………. For your passion for the creator and his creation, your love for Brent and the kiddos, your HILARIOUS sense of humor that I so get…..and was dying laughing at your Starbucks “mishap”………….just grateful that God saw fit to mesh our hearts together as friends. And shoot……I think you’ve even inspired me to start my own blog. Umm…….this comment is stinkin’ long and has turned into and email for crying out loud!! Love you deeply sweet friend!

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