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p.s. to previous picture blog… March 27, 2009

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here is an excerpt from that i wrote at the end of the trip to south africa…. i paste it here so you can read the heart behind the journey…



… to build new relationships and strengthen old ones.

…to encourage local missionaries like Tim and Maz, Daz and Leesa at the Village of Hope.

… to work along side a man named Saul who is laying his life down right now– moved his family from England to SA on his own dime to serve THEMBALITSHA full time.  His amazing passion was contagious.  Inspiring guy!

… to serve South Africa because God has given us a passion for this nation.

… because we were each obedient to the call of God on our lives for such a time as this.

…because the Bible says “that what you do unto the least of these, you have done unto Me.”

… because the book of James says that “…true religion is to look after the widows and the orphans.”

… because it’s what Jesus would do.


This trip has been amazing.  This team was incredible in their attitudes and service to one another and others. 

 We have learned so much by being here in SA these past few days.  We are forever changed.

 All of us are leaving a part of our heart here…


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  1. mel Says:

    Cos you love us. x

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