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South Africa… my heart. March 27, 2009

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We lead a mission team from our church to South Africa from March 5th to the 17th.  It was a life changing time.  I put a few photos here but had to pick these from over 600 pics!!!  Go to to see more!
































































































































































PORN sunday… 2.22.09… March 1, 2009

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had to be one of the most powerful days of my life.

i was so proud of my church taking this bold step.  we did a series the entire month of feb. called SEX TALK (  where we focused on the lies the enemy tries to sell us in regards to how we should live our lives.  those lies were EXPOSED in the light of the truth of what jesus sees and has planned for us.


it was awesome for me.  i learned new things.  my heart was challenged.  i became fiercely passionate once again about god’s standard of purity for every believer.  i am  on the soap box, unashamedly i might add, that purity goes beyond just being a virgin for the young and single people…purity is more than actions, but deeper into our thoughts and motives…and that purity is available to all b/c jesus can wash us clean!!  


we buttoned the series on the 22nd with a focus on the tangled web of porn in our culture and world.  the sermon is worth listening to.  porn has touched the lives of many, many people around me.  i have seen the damage it can do to a life.  it is foul and must be exposed for what it is – a big fat lie.  nasty…disgusting…and degrading.  addiction to it breeds shame and hopelessness.  and infocus church decided to share that there’s HOPE for all who would hear.  


and there were some courageous takers!  🙂  (check out their stories on the sextalkseries site under ‘stories’)  i know that for each testimony that was bravely written, there are hundreds more!


the mercy and love i felt for this series was tangible…no one was condemned but arms were extended in kindness and repentance was experienced week after week.

souls were won for jesus.  lives are forever changed because a brave pastor backed by a brave church took a stand.  infocus church will look back on feb. ’09 and say that we are marked b/c of this series.  we are a people forever changed.


bravo brent garrard!  i am proud of you!  


“…christ’s name and renown is the desire of our heart!”  – Isaiah 


thankfulness….. November 27, 2008

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one of my favorite movie lines (and it actually comes from a cartoon character, Madam Blueberry) is A THANKFUL HEART IS A HAPPY HEART.  🙂


i wanted to take some time this thanksgiving to list a few of the things i am thankful for…. 


  • jesus, that he found me and pursued me with the most passionate love ever
  • wonderful parents
  • the funniest, most kind and selfless sister on the planet
  • the most gentle, sweet, attentive, patient, heroic, dedicated, precious, inspiring, passionate, loving, carefree, meek, and gorgeous man on earth……my husband! 
  • three children that have captured my heart
  • FRIENDS, true friends.
  • health and life
  • music and art
  • books to read
  • nature and it’s beauty
  • pictures – a way to capture ‘god moments’
  • airplanes – to fly me across the ocean to the place that has stolen my heart, south africa
  • airplanes – to fly me across the ocean to see the people that have stolen my heart!  🙂
  • appletiser and chocolate…..also, coca cola.
  • history and memories
  • my kids laughter
  • dishwasher
  • school…. math and science especially!!  🙂
  • freedom
  • journals and all the very fun pens that i love to have surrounding me on my desk!
  • peanut butter, so i guess i’m ultra thankful for George Washington Carver
  • mrs. june lamb
  • contact lenses
  • a warm bed
  • sunsets, stars, and the moon
  • the beach, panama city beach specifically! 



music…. November 10, 2008

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…oh, how it moves me.


i was just on a friends blog site and this amazing song was playing.  so amazing in fact, that as i was trying to read her thoughts for the day i was overwhelmed to the core as the piano played and this female duet sang into my soul.  tears began to form in my eyes and jesus whispered to my spirit how much he loves to be with me.  amazing!


why does that happen?  why does music do that to us?  how does it supersede all the mess that’s swirling and cut right to that tender place in our hearts?


i think god created it that way.  as the originator of music, i think he loves to use it as a vehicle to love up on us.  i believe he causes those unseen places to engage our emotions in such a way that his goodness is undeniable.  that his grace is dependable.  that his love is tangible. 


the following scripture has encouraged me time and time again….. i think maybe it speaks the answer to my above questions….. 


The LORD your God in your midst, 
      The Mighty One, will save; 
      He will rejoice over you with gladness, 
      He will quiet you with His love, 
      He will rejoice over you with singing.” 

praises to Him that cares enough for me to sing that song over my life.  hmmmmmm….


Be a ROCK!!! October 30, 2008

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I spoke tonight at our ENCM (Every Nation Campus Ministry) meeting at our university campus.  as you know from the previous post, i am somewhat under the weather!  but, i made it through, hoarseness and all!  the following is what i shared.  i was asked to speak on “BE A ROCK!  Withstanding Peer Pressure”….

Being a ROCK is more than just saying NO, it’s choosing to say YES to things that lead people AND OURSELVES to a place that brings an eternal life change.

 We are all leading someone, somewhere…. to me it’s black and white — we are either leading people to the things of God or we are leading them to the things of hell.  There is no in between.  so ask yourself…

  • What is your life exemplifying?

EXAMPLE by definition is: a pattern, in morals or manners; a copy, or model; that which is proposed or is proper to be imitated.


  • How are you being an influence on those around you?

INFLUENCE by definition is: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.


  • Are you “being a rock” when it comes to how you live your life in front of others?

ROCK by definition is: used in similes and metaphors to refer to someone or something that is extremely strong and reliable.


Practically speaking, the following are just a few things to have set up in your life to help you succeed in standing firm! …..


  •    Have your mind made up on where you stand and what you stand for… THOUGHTS BECOME ACTIONS.  ACTIONS BECOME HABITS.  HABITS BECOME LIFESTYLES.
  •    Have someone in your life that loves you enough to not let you stay in YOUR mess (mentor, peer, friend, etc.)
  •    Actually live out what you say you believe.  In other words, make sure your actions line up with what you say your values are.  DON’T BE CONFUSING!           
  •    Hope and dream for yourself!  You can do it!
  •    More than all of that, find yourself in an unashamed friendship with your Maker. It’s the only thing that will sustain!

Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,  
       we wait for you; 
       your name and renown 
       are the desire of our hearts.  IS. 26:8





forgetfulness and excitement… they go hand in hand for me! October 22, 2008

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guess what?  i TOTALLY forgot about my blog until this evening….. 


anyhoo… i just got a new book tonight to read……  can’t wait to dive in.  THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP by Dietrich Bonhoeffer…. the discussion of cheap grace vs. costly grace…….  

One of my all time favorite lines starts the book:  “When God calls a man, He bids him come and die”.

Oh!  The glorious love of my God and His enormous care for me overwhelms my soul!

until next time……


living a life that speaks…. September 22, 2008

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one of my favorite thoughts from our worship conference weekend was the following:


in regards to reaching lost people with the love of Christ….. “They don’t often reject our theology, they reject the inconsistencies in our life.”


i want to be a person that lives and walks out what i say.  i don’t want to be someone that confuses people by saying one thing and living a whole other life.  it’s frustrating and damaging to the cause of Christ.


***Romans 12:1-2…… my very basic responsibility as a christian is to live in a manner that my actions are worship to jesus.  


i want this to be true of me.  i want to reflect Him in such a way that His love overshadows me and draws people around me in to an undeniable encounter with their Creator.


Lord, help me.  i don’t want to be confusing or compromising.  protect people from me.  illuminate yourself.  amen.