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dear god…. February 3, 2009

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so… of all three of my children, josiah makes me laugh the hardest… i mean ‘crack up laughing’ laugh…


this is his blessing for tonight’s meal.  and he was dead serious as he prayed it:




“Dear God,

Help us to have a good supper.

Bless it to our bodies.

Thanks for Dad fixing the food

While Mom was a grump.

In Jesus Name.



and yes, i cracked up laughing right there in the ending of his prayer.  i love him so…


monkey business…. April 19, 2008

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so, recently we were doing a family devotion at the dinner table.  now keep in mind, our kids are used to these devotions b/c we have been doing them FOREVER.  (brent, my husband, grew up doing these around his dinner table.  he actually came to know jesus through learning of Him in dinner devotion time with family.  so for brent it is VERY important that we do this as a fam.  for me, well uh, just keep reading).

dinner devotion time is usually pretty, no almost always, ridiculously frustrating.  we have finished eating, the kids are getting restless, table manners have all but left the building, and dad pulls out the devotion book.  now, being the good mom i am, i put on a happy face, get ready to answer the thought provoking questions, resist the urge to yell “SHUT YOUR MOUTHS, AND LISTEN TO WHAT DAD’S SAYING ABOUT JEEESSSUUUSSS” 🙂 and refrain from tying my kids to their chairs so they’ll stay seated.

hmmm, yeah.  well, this memorable night, i mentioned in the first paragraph, proved to be one of the devotion times that will go down in history.  the question posed at the end of the little lesson was “what brings you joy?”  

let me set the stage — brent and i are on the ends of the table.  caleb is to my right, and josiah and anna joy are to my left.  anna joy has got her hand pumping in the air like Horeseshack from Welcome Back Kotter, just dying to give her answer.  in the meantime….

the boys begin to share, “my family and friends bring me joy”, “jesus and god bring me joy”, etc etc… very growny and ‘religious’ answers.  brent pipes in with “mom, teaching people, friends, my family, preaching, singing and so on”.  it’s now my time to share, or i should say TRY TO SHARE  b/c anna joy is practically falling over on the table with her hand in the air.

to not squelch the moment for my little princess, i ask anna joy “what brings you joy, anna?”  i sit in anticipation b/c first, she’s been so excited to add her two cents and second, i’m sure she is going to say “mommy, you bring me joy”.

but no, my precious, darling four year old busts out with “MONKEYS.  MONKEYS BRING ME JOY!!!” with the most serious, matter of fact look on her face.

needless to say, we all busted out laughing.  it took us a few moments to compose ourselves to give credence to her hearts joy, monkeys.

oh, the blessing of children.  that night of family devotion is now, certainly, maybe even at the top of my list of things that give me joy!