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ho hummmmm….. November 21, 2008

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this is tweety bird…..


i joined twitter tonight……  what in the world for?!?! you ask…..  i am not sure…. i guess so you call can know what i do each and every moment of each and every day!!  🙂  


so, my name on twitter is kgarrard…. and i’ll be tweeting on twitter starting now….. check out my tweets, don’t be a twit!!  hee hee…… (yes, i am tired cause it’s 12:31am…… just humor me a bit)





God and Sugar Ants September 16, 2008

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just a thought from my weekend…


If we all pursued God like little black sugar ants pursue sugar, the world would be a very different place!


This deep thought has come as a result of an observation I have made in my kitchen.  It think my house just may be built on an ant bed…… I consistently have a trail of ants in my kitchen if I leave even a drop of apple juice around the sink.  They are amazing.  They work together.  They work hard.  And they seek out the object of their passion with relentless fervor.   (And although it’s quite amazing, it’s also ridiculous to me as a homemaker…. but, that’s not really the object in the lesson, huh?!?)


so…I guess you might think that I spend most of my time around a kitchen sink loading and unloading the dishwasher or wiping down my counters…sometimes I feel like that’s all I do (oh, along with mountains of laundry)….but anyway….this observation did leave me examining my own heart and zeal for my passion, Jesus.  So, thanks for allowing me this simple illustration….. gotta go clean my counters now!


My heart’s cry this week….. May 19, 2008

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‘dream big’… that’s what brent and i are always saying to each other and those around us. the dream of our heart is to see people touched with the love of God through relationships around them…. then a step further — their heart then captured by god and turned to him forever.

isn’t that the biggest dream possible? isn’t the greatest miracle a transformed heart? i think so. i think the heart of god beats his love for people. the joy set before christ that held him to the cross was his passion to obey the father. at that time, the fathers mind was stayed on me, you and every human to grace the planet. his mind was set on the reconciliation that jesus was purchasing with his blood that day. that blood filled with love was spilled for me, you, my neighbors, my co workers, my children, and all that cross my path daily. thanks be to god for this indescribable gift.  and may my response to this be an attitude of “use me lord for your purpose, my life is not my own….”

the bridge to the following song encapsulates my hearts passion today…… 

Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like You have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause

As I walk from earth into eternity





my addiction….. April 29, 2008

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… hmmmm… why do i find myself addicted to a drink that will also take all the acid off of an old car battery???  if it’s doing that to acid, what is it doing to my stomach lining?? 

something to think about, huh?!…..

that’s all i have for tonight…. 






my favorite TV show…. April 25, 2008

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ok.  so, i am slightly addicted to LOST.  it’s the show i hate to love.  the constant twists and turns.  the ever so unpredictable plot.  the character’s emotional drama mixed with the island drama is almost more than one can handle!  goodness…..

if you’ve never watched, it’s time to get to blockbuster and rent away.  that’s how we started our addiction.  we actually borrowed the first season and would stay up all hours of the night watching segment after segment.  we’d start the evening fairly early, get about 3 segments into it and say “just one more” for the next 3 hours.  it was ridiculous.

we bought season 2.  continued in the same insane pattern.  then have watched the last couple of seasons live.

who knows what will happen next with jack and kate.  sawyer and hurley. i threaten weekly to stop watching if certain people get killed off….. it’s almost happened!!  always keeping me on my toes, those LOST writers…. 

as far as my blogging goes, i promise to blog on something that really matters real soon.

peace out….. kg