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camping… in a TENT! July 27, 2008

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ok…. i will have to wait and post some pics for you to get the full measure of fun we had camping.

we have just returned from 3 days, 2 nights of TENT camping with 4 adults and 6 kids.  The youngest of the kiddies being 4 and 3!  (they did awesome by the way…… may have had the least complaints from them… aside from my 4 year old daughters RIDICULOUS drama queen moments!)

we hiked, ate, tried to sleep, played skip-bo, ate, went to the park, fished, ate, ate and ate!  🙂 

i’ll get some pictures up as soon as i get all of the laundry done from the trip…. hmmmm….


friends make a birthday better…. May 28, 2008

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i turned 33 this past friday….. and it has been a great few days of celebration.

i must say that i feel so very loved and blessed by many people.

proverbs says “there are “friends” who destroy each other,but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.”  i have experienced this in my life.  

i have chosen to give my life to the journey of seeing true friendship develop in the relationships god places in my path.  it is a tough journey — full of ups and downs.  the ‘ups’ outweigh the ‘downs’ but the ‘downs’ are real.  and they hurt.

but this week i have experienced the ‘ups’ at an all time high.  i have been blessed with gifts, kind words, hugs, emails, texts of encouragement, smiles, and more!  

just being remembered is a precious thing.  it makes me feel loved.  it makes me feel special.  

this birthday was a good one.  a reminder that i have a place of belonging.  i have influence in peoples life. i have been blessed by god.

i hope that you feel this, as well, about yourself …. b/c we all have a place of belonging, a place of influence and a place of blessing.  

so, join me on this journey.  decide to live a life of love and friendship.  it’s a choice to lock arms with another person and stick “closer than a brother”.  ya up for it?  i think so!!  🙂



…traveling down memory lane…. April 22, 2008

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do you ever find yourself involved in an activity that makes you chuckle?  OR, involved in an activity that brings out an “i can’t believe i even care about winning this” attitude?

well, i find myself answering YES to both of these questions.  and i find for me that the questions can be applied to the same activity.  this occured just 24 hours ago….

while my husband and his sisters boyfriend were involved in a guitar hero battle, i found myself locked in a fierce game of OPERATION with our friend, stephen.   i, of course, had played somewhat recently with my littles.  stephen, of course, had not played in years.

so, the bank was set up, the ‘doctor and specialist’ cards distributed, all of the ‘insides’ of the poor patient properly placed, and the game buzzer lit and ready.  we readied ourselves over the operating table and the battle began.

now, as a kid it was sort of fun to hit the metal sides that solicit the loud buzz and ‘electric’ shock.  as a competitive adult, it is not.  you would have thought we were doing surgery on a real, live human.  our patients bread basket, funny bone, charlie horse, brain freeze, adams apple, and so on were removed one by one with the precision of a practiced surgeon.  the ankle “impossible to get it on the first time” rubberband was last and had become our nemesis.  after a back and forth battle for a bit,  stephen eventually got it. 

it was time to count the goods…. da da da dum…….. $3400 to $3900… who won???

me!!  i am now considering the dilemma of how i missed my calling in surgery.  hee hee….. 

so, when you get the chance, find a friend and sit down to a good ol’ fashioned game of OPERATION.

it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face — especially if you win!!  🙂