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why can’t i be good at computers??? August 3, 2008

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ok… pictures of the camping trip will be forthcoming…. i can’t get them to load on my computer!!!!!  ugh!



bet you have not seen this on TV….. April 23, 2008

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this will be a quick post.

brent and i have been lazing around for a bit.  we watched our DVR – john smoltz get his 3000 strike out.  brooke totally mess up on IDOL.  then we start channel surfing.

now, hold on to your hats.  for we have just viewed one of the most riveting TV competitions ever….


yes, it is a fully commentated, fully televised, moderately interesting competition.  the contestants are put through a series of different memory challenges.  for example, having to remember a shuffled deck of cards IN THE RIGHT ORDER after viewing them briefly.  OR, having a ‘tea party’ where three different audience guests approach a microphone, give their personal info (name, bday, address, phone number, hobbies, pets, fav foods) one after the other — then, the contestants are asked to remember this info BY MEMORY.  but careful, three strikes and you’re out.

i am not sure from here where the competition goes b/c we had just had enough.  

the previous champ can recite the first 22,000 digits of Pi, like 3.14 and on and on and on and on….. yes, i meant to type 22,000.

ridiculous.  or amazing really. 

wow!  i need to go to bed.  i’ve heard that sleep helps our retention and memory.  these people must only wake up for the CHAMPIONSHIP. 


what am i getting into?? April 18, 2008

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well.  i am entering into the world of blogging after much pressure and persistence from my husband and a good friend.  seeing as how i am a homeschooling mother (and not loving it), a full time homemaker (and LOVING it), a ministry partner with my spouse (hmmmm…. i’ll refrain from the emotion attached at the moment), etc…. i should have very few “totally free” moments to write.

therefore, i will make every typing moment count.  i’ll go the distance in topic and content.  i’ll finish each entry strong.  FOR REAL, it will promise to be a funny and interesting journey here on my blog. it should be a barrel of laughs or buckets of tears – hopefully always enlightening.

so, welcome!  welcome into my life.